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“Life is playfulness…We need to play so that we can rediscover the magic all around us.” ~ Flora Colao

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About us

We are a dedicated team of accomplished nannies, tutors and doula ready to spend some (virtual) quality time with your little ones – or not so little anymore -, the entire family or just the parents.

With schools closed, having kids running around the house is probably not the ideal situation while trying to work from home; That is exactly the reason why we offer our services to keep them busy, entertained, and happy just a FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, House Party, or Zoom, away!

Please note that parent supervision and/or participation is required for some of our virtual programs. Only you can determine the appropriate amount of supervision and assistance that your child needs.

We will also provide you with printable PDF prior to each rdv.


Please note that our services are adaptable depending on your children’s needs and age group.

Cooking Class  ◈  Gym Class  ◈  Story Telling  ◈  Art & Craft  ◈  Board Games  ◈  French Lessons  ◈ Tutoring  ◈  Sur Mesure  ◈  Virtual Doula

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Our classes are designed to build skills, not just follow recipes, so you can use ingredients you already have at home or choose substitute ingredients for our very flexible recipes so your kids can follow along. We could also cook your favourite family dishes!

Please note that parent supervision and/or participation is required for our virtual programs, since this is real-life cooking (with tools, heat, etc.) but we also offer some easier recipes that allow your kids to be autonomous! Only you can determine the appropriate amount of supervision and assistance your child needs.

Furthermore, some recipes are more advanced than others and therefore, ingredients will have to be paid extra. 


“Can you read me a story?”

Once upon a time… We are going live to engage children and create a safe place where imaginations are fired. It is a time-honoured tradition that helps your child wind down after moments of playing, screaming and other intense activities! 


Story telling can be about reading an existing story or creating your child’s own story.

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Blend fun with learning!


Give your child a chance to embrace his artistic side with the help of our Marvelous Nannies.


We have lots of ideas, activities, games and are offering a safe place where kids can create art works and explore different crafts ideas.


Fun comes first!


Our class is jam-packed with cool music, easy to follow moves and fun games. We are adapting our approach to match your kid’s mood and energy levels, so everyone ends up feeling great.


Your child will improve coordination, build endurance and strength, increase flexibility, relax and have loads of fun.

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Teaching your little one a second language is not always the easiest task, but hey, that’s the reason we are here!


Our Marvelous Nannies makes learning French far easier with super cute children’s nursery rhymes, French stories for kids, printable worksheets, more advanced flashcards, games…


and we will provide you with a report after the session.

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Let's play!


This will allow your kids to play some of their favourite board games, like Monopoly or cards, with one of our Marvelous Nannies without sitting around the same table.

Games to be determined in advance.


Because your child is unique, our services are adaptable and our Marvelous Nannies have a wide range of competencies, so you can just reach out and we will build a game plan together.

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At Marvelous Nanny UK, we aim to keep your child engaged and learning while distance learning.


Our online tutors offer some high-quality instruction to assist your child in the best way possible!


We will provide you with a report after the session.


For all enquiries, please email


Becoming a parent is an amazing, life-changing experience!

 And yet, it can be overwhelming too.

Maelle would be happy to be at your side and empower you in this transition to motherhood/parenthood. 

She support parents after birth and provide emotional and practical

(non-medical) support around issues related to parenting, baby development, breastfeeding, organisation at home ...





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